The first Woman’s Exchange opened in 1832 in Philadelphia to provide a shop where “genteel poor” women could earn money by consigning their home-made, hand-crafted items to the Exchange’s shop. The founders/managers of these early Exchanges believed in this type of self-help philanthropy and encouraged the entrepreneurship of their consignors. Operating as a unique segment of local economies – one that combined charity and commerce – the Woman’s Exchange movement spread rapidly in the decades after the Civil War and shops were now open to consignors of all classes. The Greenwich Exchange for Women’s Work incorporated in 1901 and later became a charter member of the Federation of Woman’s Exchanges in 1936. Many Exchanges have closed since then due to changing economic forces and expanding opportunities for women in the marketplace. The Greenwich Exchange, however, is still standing at 28 Sherwood place, but needs your support for its continuing mission. Please join us as a Member and/or a Volunteer, and/or Patron of our shop.

You can support our mission by patronizing our shop, which has been located at 28 Sherwood place in Greenwich since 1935.

In our historic house, garden courtyard and charming cottage, you will find:

· Hand-made infants’ and children’s sweaters, clothes, blankets, toys.
· Vintage linens
· Hostess and Holiday Gifts
· Antiques and Collectibles

We will also special order items for you