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14-back-exchange-receptionGreenwich Exchange for Women’s Work:
Shop-Local Destination Since 1935

As appeared in Greenwich Free Press | February 17, 2014 | Full Article


Each time an independent business on Greenwich Ave or its environs succumbs to the pull of the chain store, Greenwich heaves a collective sigh. But while house after historic house in Greenwich falls prey to the wrecking ball, the charming house at 28 Sherwood Place, built in 1900, takes on increasing significance as it stands defiantly, frozen in time.

While many Greenwich residents speed along Sherwood Place, a shortcut connecting Putnam Ave to Northfields and points north, the charming house that is home to the Greenwich Exchange for Women’s Work may feel like part if the furniture — invisible until it’s gone.

baby-clothes-on-rackOver the years, the Exchange, where 200+ artisan-consignors receive 67% of the selling price for their wares, survives primarily through word-of-mouth.

And it helps that the building is owned outright by the non-profit it houses.

Surely Luca Gabriele of the adjacent Church Street Gabriele’s Italian Steakhouse that bears his name must ogle the property enviously as his business continues to expand.

upstairs-linen-roomYet the Exchange not only provides a retail venue for vendors who consign their crafts and wares, but to the uninitiated, the enterprise is a reliable resource for thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gifts. Modestly priced, the handmade gifts defy the imagination, filling room after room with options displayed attractively and without clutter.

“I head there any time I need a present. Whether it’s a baby gift, a housewarming gift, birthday present…whatever,” said Susan Franco of Glenville, who was recently at the Exchange to buy Valentine’s Day items. “It’s on my way home from the YWCA but I’ll make a special trip if I need a gift and want a variety of options.”


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